Chicken Scratch

Have you given much attention to your penmanship lately? Mine is horrible. Since much of what I write is electronic, I’m out of practice with a pen. On the occasions I actually put pen to paper the result borders on horrifying. My penmanship used to be pretty good. Now a preschooler could best me.

It seems like a minor detail, but those looking for work may want to consider taking the time to practice their penmanship. If manual applications or handwritten forms are part of an employment process, you don’t want to be ruled out for a job because your handwriting was indecipherable or sloppy. At best, your writing will appear sloppy and juvenile. At worst, your information won’t be accurately received. Imagine if the dates you provide on an application, for example, don’t seem to match what a reference is indicating. Not good.

By the way, if your handwriting is less than stellar, take a pass on the handwritten thank you note. Handwritten notes may stand out, but if your penmanship isn’t up to par you may stand out for the wrong reason.

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  • Bill Nurmi says:

    I just found myself thinking about this a few days ago. I was filling out some paperwork at a job interview and I looked back at the page and thought, Oh my goodness. I have a 9 year old nephew that writes like that! I think its definitely time I practice. I know how it is to write electronically, that’s pretty much all I do anymore. I am way out of practice, thanks for the reminder

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