Allow Me To Beat My Head Against The Wall

For the love of all that is logical, please tell me why some of the newly employed are setting themselves up for history to repeat? Whether a result of an improving economy or better job search technique, many I’ve worked with over the past year are getting job offers. That’s fantastic news. It’s what’s happening after the job offers that has me eying the wall and wondering what it would feel like to slam forehead to plaster for a good 5 minutes.

If we’ve learned anything from the economic downturn it’s the importance of being ready for the next time the pink slip hits your desk. Please tell me how shutting down all networking efforts and pulling back from relationships nurtured while unemployed compliments that strategy. It doesn’t! Those I know in real life have heard me say many times that networking and fostering quality long-term relationships is the best way to keep future spans of unemployment short. They’ve all shook their heads in collective agreement and made the promise to themselves they weren’t ever again going to be in the difficult spot of not having a job and not having a network to reach out to. So what, pray tell, is going on? Why the radio silence? Why are LinkedIn & Twitter accounts comatose? Why are you missing from key professional events that could serve to keep relationships going and benefit your new employer?

I understand once you get a job it may be inappropriate to network in the same manner as you did while looking for work. If the position you’ve taken is intended to be long-term, you don’t want to turn people off. That doesn’t mean you can’t shift gears, however. Simple adjustments to the frequency and content of interactions can be made so the efforts are appropriate.

The important thing is to not stop networking. Fading into the woodwork only to surface the next time you need a job is rude, ineffective and shortsighted. Live up to that promise you made yourself when you were fighting all of the battles it took to eventually win the job. Don’t do it for the sake of keeping my forehead goose egg free. Do it for yourself. If doing it for yourself isn’t enough, well, then focus on the goose egg. Lord knows it wouldn’t compliment my look. Help a girl out.


  • Don Drabik says:

    You made an excellent point. Networking should really become a regular business practice much like attending conferences, seminars, etc… It seems the buisness world is struggling with, but gaining ground on, an evolutionary step. If we go back to doing what it was that we did, will we then become the cause of the problem rather than the solution to it?

  • Lisa says:

    Don, great way to tie the point to businesses as well. We all must learn from where we’ve been and do whatever possible to make sure we keep moving forward.

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