Nearly A Month!

It’s been nearly a month since I blogged. Not for lack of wanting, trust me. May was a germ festival in my home. After months of running ragged and not getting enough rest, the mighty power of my daughter’s preschool germs planted me firmly on the sidelines for weeks.  My experience is proof taking care of yourself should be part of a job seeker’s overall strategy. It was difficult enough as a volunteer knowing I wasn’t operating at my full potential. If I were a job seeker, the momentum lost from the weeks I was ill could have added months to my job search.

Trying to get back in the groove from being largely out of commission is tough. I’ve lost touch with contacts, fallen behind on information updates, gone from being missed to forgotten by some and find myself sitting in front of a blank screen wondering where to start. No worries. All will be back to normal soon. It’s going to take an extra effort for the next few weeks to get back to normal. I have much to say. No surprise there. Now that my brain is ready to cooperate, I’ll be populating my blog on a regular basis once more.


  • Cindy Kraft says:

    Sorry to hear you were so sick, Lisa … and really glad to hear you’re back!

    Your comments about job seekers losing momentum are right on! It is much more difficult for job seekers when they’re strategy is stop and go. Once you have momentum, it’s critical to ride the wave.

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Cindy. I’m so glad my brain has emerged from the fog of whatever virus I had.

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