If Your Search Was A Sporting Event…

If your job search was a sporting event how would the fans in the stands react to your efforts? Would they been cheering, offering up celebratory hand slaps and looking on with satisfied grins? Or, would they be covering their eyes, praying for time to finally run out and contemplating leaving early to spare themselves the agony of watching the inevitable play out?

We’ve seen some exciting stuff this past week in the world of sports. Between the World Cup and that never ending Wimbledon match, there were plenty of shining examples of tenacity, endurance, skill, talent and courage. Seeing all of that come together drives fans wild. We love to cheer for those giving their all; refusing to give up. To be able to witness individuals digging deep and pushing through obstacles to accomplish a goal is inspiring.

The fans in your life would love to witness the same thing in your job search. It’s hard to sit on the sidelines while your favorite player struggles to stay in the game. When he decides it’s impossible and checks out mentally, it’s devastating. Fans can’t do much about it, either. They can help encourage him and shout out strategy, but they can’t play the game for him.

What the job seeker needs to keep in mind is by doing the things that pump up his fans, he is adding new fans along the way and putting himself on the path to winning the game. It’s not about putting forth an effort to please those on the sidelines, but realizing when you are taking risks and pushing yourself to the point others notice, you will benefit. That trophy that comes in the form of a job offer will be yours to hold above your head.

As that historically long Wimbledon match demonstrated, it can take a while to win the game. You may have to exert yourself to the max. You may have to unleash every bit of strategy in your arsenal. The point is, if you remain determined to win and fight tooth and nail to do so, you and your fans are going to have a lot to jump up and down about.


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