How Come He Has A Job?

There’s nothing like being unemployed to sharpen one’s ability to notice incompetence in others. Many of the professional level job seekers I work with find it difficult to accept how they can’t find work when they encounter rude, unprofessional, unorganized and poorly skilled individuals on a regular basis who are gainfully employed. Many times they are running into these people on the other side of the interview desk. The sting of being rejected by a person, who for all intents and purposes is in a job they’d be better able to do, is lasting.

I think it’s reasonable for unemployed persons to wonder why some who seem to have less to offer are better off than they are professionally. My advice is to analyze this bit of mystery in a constructive way. Are these individuals better connected? More affordable? Business owners themselves? Luckier? What makes their situation different? Don’t get mad and focus on how unfair life seems to be. The truth of the matter is life simply has a different definition of fair than our own at times.

When armed with a better idea of how others have secured or retained employment, better strategy can be incorporated into a job search. Don’t rule out making a play for that person’s job. Sounds cold, but this is about business. If you notice someone isn’t up to par for the job they hold, it’s not unlikely their supervisor feels the same way. Instead of walking away from a situation thinking I’d never do business with or work for a company who would hire that person, consider encountering that person as an arrow pointing to opportunity. Network your way to the higher-ups in the organization. Without mentioning the other individual, show them the professionalism, skill, positive attitude and organization you have to offer their company should a position happen to come available. If they are smart, they will recognize an opportunity to make a change for the better. If they aren’t smart, well, then it probably is a good idea to write them off and move on.

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