Interviews Aren’t Performances

When your interview is over the interviewer should be thinking “what a great meeting,” not “what a great show.” Great shows don’t get you job offers. You may say and do the right things, but if a standing ovation is more appropriate than an ethusiastic handshake, you aren’t getting the job.

Sincerity and a genuine assessment of ‘you’ are important to employers. Just like you as a consumer don’t want a salesperson pulling one over on you, employers don’t want any post offer surprises either. Think of the salesmen you bought from and those who sent you running for the door. In which of the two categories would you put the salesmen with canned responses, over the top promises and aversions to acknowledging any possible downside of what they have to sell? For me, they fall squarely in the “run away from” category.

Skip the over-rehearsed answers. Drop the trumped up passions you really couldn’t care less about. Spend more time getting in touch with what you have to offer, what truly matters to you, what likely matters to the other party and the opportunity at hand. Figure out how they all compliment one another and build a genuine case from there. Entertain and engage your audience without stepping into a fictional character. We really can tell when it’s acting.


  • David Brooks says:

    I had an impromptu interview today…..I stopped in at a company that I applied to several months ago and met the manager as soon as I walked in ( that took me by surprise ). He invited me to his office and we sat and talked for about 15 mins.( and that was because I just showed up and felt like I was interupting his day ) I gave him a copy of my resume and he called his HR person as I was leaving. Before I even got home he called me and said to look for an email from HR. To make a long story short, it was such a surreal experience that I can’t even remember what I said to him. I guess what I’m saying is, that I ( we) need to be prepared at all times.

  • David Brooks says:

    interrupting……I’ll get this proofreading down yet,,,,,,

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