Uh-Oh, It Worked!

Some of you may have caught David’s comment on my last blog. He shared a story of stopping by a company he’d been pursuing with the intention of connecting with the manager. Luck was on his side. David introduced himself, let the manager know he’d submitted a resume to corporate for an open position and was hoping to meet a live person so the company would be aware of his interest and background. The manager invited him into his office for a chat. Great news! The only snag was David never expected a successful outcome and found himself unprepared for the exchange. He did well enough. The manager picked up the phone and encouraged the human resources contact to call David for an interview. Big thumbs up there. Even though David never expected to actually connect with a decision maker, he managed to pull of a successful outcome. It was more luck than design that got him through this time.

David’s experience isn’t uncommon. Many job seekers become so familiar with failure they come to expect the outcome of their efforts will be negative. When they get a person versus a voice mail or an invitation to sit down in an office versus a nudge to the door, they freeze up. Their minds turn to mush.

It’s crucial every time a job seeker contacts a company the the desired outcome is anticipated. The benefits are two-fold. For one, the individual is prepared to sell himself adequately and make a strong impression. Secondly, going into a situation with the belief success is likely increases the odds of that being true. It’s amazing how much expecting failure can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. It’s human nature people are more likely to do things half monkey if, in their minds, they view the act to be pointless. I guarantee the voice mail you leave when you expect a return call is different than the one you leave when you expect the brush off. The words may be the same, but the tone and pace suffer.

Special thanks to David for sharing his story. Hopefully we all can learn from his experience and remind ourselves to be ready for success.

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