Doors NOT Corners

Just for the sake of discussion, advancing your education is supposed to open doors for you. Too often I find individuals turning the tables on that notion and allowing the knowledge they’ve gained to push them into a corner.

What do I mean? It’s the belief once you have a degree in ‘XYZ’ it becomes your sole focus and option. In a world with job descriptions beyond your wildest imagination, people are convinced they are now only suited for a tiny sliver of the overall pie. It’s simply not true.

Gaining knowledge in a particular subject area does help show your relevance in that specific field. Do not negate the universal qualities of the education experience, however. Don’t discount the benefits of having refined, through the education process, your ability to write, read, interpret, memorize, conclude, problem solve, theorize, achieve goals and the like. These are all necessary skills in many areas of the working world. Never mind there are likely pieces of the actual subject matter that translate nicely to other fields too.

The point of this post is to push those of you who are finding yourself in a corner to realize it is your own mind putting you there. The limitations you encounter in this world are most often self-created. Look at your skills and abilities. Seek out the doors they lead you to and walk through them.

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