Citrus Fruit Colorer

If you had the challenge to list all of the professions/job titles you could think of, how many do you think that would be? Hard to say. I’m guessing all of us would fall far short of the actual number of job variations that exist in our community, let alone society as a whole. In many ways our scope of what there is in this world to do is somewhat narrow.

This point became clear to me when talking with my four year old daughter in the car this morning. She’s already starting to think about what she wants to be when she grows up. So far cashier, ballerina, rock star and zoo keeper are high on her list. When I was young I wanted to be a lawyer, cruise director, actress or doctor. All of the above are professions the general population recognize and are somewhat familiar with. What about other jobs though? How many times have you heard a child say, “I want to be a citrus fruit colorer?” I’m guessing never. Yet somebody has that job. Considering how many fruits in our stores have had their color enhanced, the profession is likely a busy one.

Since a child’s understanding of the world and all it has to offer is largely modeled after our own, is it possible as adults we have a narrow view of all the potential opportunities we could chase? Consider the fact, aside from natural occurrences, everything that happens around us has a person connected to the process, many times in the form of a job. Turn your eyes on and allow yourself to wonder what happens behind the scenes of the events, products, services and objects you encounter. You may be surprised what ideas you come up with and the awareness of options you achieve.

Though the dozen or so jobs we are all more familiar with may seem like they are in short supply these days, or even non existent, the same may not be true of jobs we’ve never really paid attention to. Because we’ve been oblivious, we’ve completely compromised our ability to find them and consider how our backgrounds and interests might make them a good option. You can’t find what you aren’t looking for. There will be needs and jobs in society so long as mankind exists. Rest assured of that.

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