Just Say No To Form Letters

Ever get a form letter in the mail from a company attempting to market to you? Silly question. If your mailbox looks like mine, it’s a daily occurrence. I’m not sure which I dislike more, those beginning “Dear Sir or Madame” or those with my name digitally inserted in key places by a computer data base to make them seem more personal. No matter, any with a “we’ve sent the same letter to everyone turning oxygen into CO2” feel end up immediately in my recycling bin. I can’t think of one generic solicitation that’s ever grabbed my attention and inspired me to pick up the phone or break out my credit card. How about you?

Considering that, why do job seekers use form letters when approaching companies? Impersonal cover letters and resumes have the exact same feel to them as most of the mail you likely toss. Do you expect decision makers in companies to respond differently than you would?

I personally believe there isn’t a big mystery when it comes to appealing to employers. So many make it harder than it needs to be. For all intents and purposes, approaching companies in a way you’d want to be approached is a pretty good bet. Simply put, if it would turn you off to be on the receiving end of your job search efforts, it’s a safe bet the decision maker you are pursuing would be too.

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