Is This A Good Time?

When a recruiter or hiring manager calls you and asks if this is a good time to talk, be honest. If it’s not, it’s much better to reschedule the call for a more ideal time than to attempt to have a conversation with chaos going on in the background. Yes, potential employers want to feel like they are high on the priority list for a job candidate. More importantly, they want to know the person has good judgment. Putting the person first by taking the call while there is a baby screaming or dog barking in the background is not going to give you the edge. Neither is filling their ears with profanities because a cop is closing in on your car and you haven’t been paying attention to your speed.


  • Duck's Mom says:

    They really do appreciate it, especially when they can hear a little one screaming after you say hello, but before they can ask for you on the phone. I've been trying to take the phone into another room or even outside to answer it, that way I can at least hear who is on the phone and let them know when a better time to call is.

  • Lisa says:

    That's a great plan, Duck's Mom. Finding a quieter place to answer the phone, or even leaving it for voicemail to handle, is the way to go when chaos reigns supreme.

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