When It Means Something

Long time, no blog post.

I’ve been staring at my screen for weeks now and not feeling any real urge to write. I couldn’t find the motivation. Something happened today, a short moment ago actually, that gave me the jolt I needed. While staring at my blank screen a comment came in on a blog post I wrote ages ago. Okay, not really ages, but it seems like it to me. Unlike the growing number of spam comments I get about male appendages, this one was legit. See for yourself here!

Scot popped by, read a blog post and offered up a thank you. He felt the blog helped him. Honestly, that’s all it took to get me going again. My whole reason for writing this blog is to be helpful. There is no money in it for me. The sole reward is the satisfaction I get from knowing I helped someone get one step closer to that next job. Without reinforcement that my blogs are helping people, my focus shifts to other things where the results are more evident.

I’m not sharing this here to drum up comments, but to make a broader point. What if the people in your life who could be helpful to your job search aren’t motivated to do so because you’re not giving them incentive to do so? Incentive doesn’t have to be in the form of money or a trinket. There are likely a lot of people in your inner circle who would gladly scout for leads and secure connections for you in return for a smile and a thank you.

Speaking from the position of someone who voluntarily helps people on a daily basis, it is more common than you might think for job seekers to take referrals and suggestions and never offer up any progress reports, thank yous or positive feedback on what was offered. That’s a problem. It takes the wind right out of the sails of those in a position to give your search some momentum.

The goal is to keep those you find helpful engaged in your search. Remember, we all have a never ending list of choices to make in terms of how to spend our time and who to focus our efforts on in life. Most have a desire to do things that are worthwhile, that matter, in the grand scheme of things. If someone does something that matters to you, that helps you get closer to your goal of finding employment, let them know. In all likelihood they’ll be inspired to do even more. How handy is that?

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