Every 6-8 Weeks

If you are a woman like me, scratching at 40 or better, you’re likely in a similar pattern of personal maintenance. For those of you who have reached this point of your life gray-free, talk to the hand. Every 6-8 weeks I head to the hair salon to invest time and money in hiding the signs of aging. Some months it’s a quick touch up, other months is a more thorough rework. Without fail, if I go beyond that point my roots start screaming to the world…demanding to be heard. The longer I go, the more hits I take to my self-esteem, the more people notice I’m not paying attention to my upkeep and the more expensive corrective action becomes. On some occasions, it goes on to the point I no longer care I’m overdue on maintenance. The, “I’ve gone this long, what’s another month or two” mentality slips in. Trust me, no one wins in that situation.

In a fast developing business world, the same thing can happen to professionals who fail to schedule frequent, systematic maintenance on their skills and general awareness of business trends. As crazy at is sounds, the root line of your knowledge base can quickly become apparent to others in a matter of months. Things change fast these days. You don’t want to be the employee, job seeker or business owner with noticeable evidence you’ve fallen behind with your professional upkeep. Never mind the challenges your up against when you need touch-ups or a major makeover in a hurry. You’re often left to a quick solution with limited resources to choose from.

Do yourself the favor of scheduling professional maintenance regularly. Attend local workshops, panels and business group meetings on occasion. Make a point to explore new features on social media outlets every few weeks. Read links to news on economic development plans in your area every month or so. Search Google for same year articles on topics relating to your field. When you keep on top of your personal maintenance you look like a million bucks. When you keep on top of your professional maintenance you actually have a chance to be worth a million bucks.

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