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While meeting with a professional on the hunt for a job, we’ll call him Jake, the conversation steered to a specific opportunity he hopes to land. The business owner is interested, but isn’t going to just give him a shot. She’s got a few tricks up her sleeve to take the temperature on how dedicated, able and sincere Jake is when it comes to benefiting her business. The interesting thing is she knows him and has for some time. This isn’t some stranger off the street with a resume asking her to take a risk. No, this is an old friend, of sorts, asking her to take a risk. You see, stranger or not, it is still a risk anytime a business owner invites someone new into the fold. It’s a waiting game to see who gains in the end. In the best case scenario both parties benefit. Too often the relationship is one sided and the business loses, however.

When Jake was explaining what the business owner was asking him to do and how she was going to take her time to be sure he was the right fit, he quickly offered he was okay with that. From Jake’s mouth to all of your ears, “Why wouldn’t I be okay with that? It’s her baby, after all.” Sweet Lord above, Jake gets IT! He really and truly understands a business owner.

Companies aren’t just buildings of brick and mortar filled with phones, carpet and computers. They are the physical evidence of someone’s dream. They are a vulnerable baby requiring the best of care, consideration and attention in order to grow into a strong, healthy and self-supporting adult. For those of you who have never owned a business it’s hard to appreciate the business owner’s position. Perhaps if you have a child you can understand. Imagine someone interested in caring for  your baby. How much would you want to know about them? How many things would you be willing to gamble on? Would you compromise on experience, attitude, personality fit or character? How closely would you watch their work? Would it be enough that so-and-so recommended them?

Job seekers, don’t get angry at business owners for being picky. Take a moment to consider the position many are in and ask yourself if you’ve proven in every way possible you can be trusted with the awesome responsibility of helping their baby grow.

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