What Computer?

When I first got into the world of recruiting, the computer wasn’t a big part of the job. I had a computer for access to our company database, but I wasn’t trolling the internet and emailing all day long. In order to build relationships with candidates and corporate leaders and be in the know of key happenings in the business community, I had to get out as much as possible and stay visible. Rubbing elbows in professional circles was a must. My choices of where to spend my time had to be strategic. The phone was also key. I’d talk to dozens of people a day. Every conversation was intentional, with a planned discussion point and objective to accomplish. I am incredibly lucky to have learned the business during a time when computers had yet to take over the rituals and processes.

As great as the internet is, it would do many a world of good to pretend it doesn’t exist at times. Job seekers tend to use the computer as a crutch and fail to participate in the flesh and blood world of networking and relationship cultivation. That’s not to say the computer isn’t a valuable tool when on the hunt for a job. Conducting a job search without a computer would be tricky. Still, those who are able to step away from their cyber buddy and mingle with humanity have a definite advantage.

I use the computer in many ways, but most of the leads I get for jobs come from circulating with other professionals, asking good questions, placing strategic phone calls, dishing out help when I’m able and participating in community events. I hear about several jobs a week when I’m networking and mingling. To top it off, the opportunities I discover this way are less likely to be known to the masses. I’ll take the odds of going up against the select few who are aware of a lesser known opening than going up against the masses chasing the online job posting.

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  • Kris Krol says:

    That is a great post and so true. I have almost become a slave to my computer, but I do get a lot of out of it. It's easy to get stuck doing computer stuff all day and basically waste a day with nothing to show for it.

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