Having Fun

Folks, you’ve got to have fun with your job search. As with anything, the more fun you are having the more creative and attractive you tend to be. When I say attractive, I don’t mean in a “you’re so hot” kind of way. I’m talking about magnetism. People are more likely to be drawn to those who are positive, inspirational and entertaining. A job seeker who people want to get away from is doomed!

Many of the job seekers I cross paths with are absolutely hating the search process and it shows. Trust me, I understand there is a lot on the line for many unemployed professionals these days and it wears on the psyche to face rejection and overwhelming odds at every turn. The fact remains you are less likely to succeed in your search if your shoulders are slumped, your thoughts are negative and your actions lack enthusiasm and ingenuity.

So how do you have more fun? There’s no need to be a clown. For many, the simple solution is a combination of ceasing activity that is futile, sourcing better information channels to build effective strategy around and surrounding themselves with movers and shakers who fire them up. No one can get pumped up when doing things they know won’t work and when drowning in negative news from sources with tunnel vision.

Another point that can dramatically improve one’s mood during a search is to remember there are no universal truths, as least as far as I can see, when it comes to looking for opportunity. Those who find themselves existing in absolutes (all companies are going cheap, no one is hiring older people, no one calls you back, everyone is basing their decisions on profile tests, only entry level positions are available) probably have a strategy problem. I blogged the other day about there being 14,000+ businesses in Greater Lansing and 750,000+ businesses in Michigan. No one can reasonably argue all of those companies have the same practices and preferences. The job seekers I encounter who struggle the most with absolutes are those whose efforts revolve largely around internet job boards and who are grossly out of the loop and business developments and hiring trends.

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