We Like Fresh

Most people find fresh appealing. Consider how much you appreciate fresh food, air or sheets. Aside from things like wine and cheese, I can’t think of anything people prefer musty.

Folks, I’m  here to tell you many people are struggling in their job search because they aren’t getting their fresh on. Their approach, responses, perspective, skills and attitude are stale. When one or all of the above come off to the employer as tired, overused or outdated, it makes the job seeker a boring and unappealing option.

For those of you wondering, this has nothing to do with age. Some may want to make it about calendar years on this planet, but I promise I’ve been underwhelmed by young and old. Think of all of the people you encounter in your life. A large percentage of humanity are no more than a blur in your vision field. They never stand out. They aren’t memorable. They are what you expect to see, they say what you expect to hear and they simply don’t wake your senses up enough for you to notice who they are.

Every now and then though someone crosses your path who is different and, ta-dah, you notice them. They are reFRESHing. They offer viewpoints you appreciate, but hadn’t considered before. They have ideas and strategies that give you the sense new and exciting things are possible. Their eye contact isn’t manufactured. Genuine interest is visible behind the retinas. Their ears are in the mix and they are registering your words and building responses around them.

My challenge to those looking for work is to take a step back and ask yourself where you might be stale. In all honesty, if you are tired of some of your answers and approaches, employers probably are too.


  • Tom says:

    Admittedly, this post seemed stale to me until the last line… ” if you are tired of some of your answers and approaches, employers probably are too”. Ouch – that hit home. The job search can get so monotonous sending the same info to the same people… to think about it from the other end is a fresh approach. As much as I’d like to think I am always tailoring my effort, surely I can be more effective. Thx Lisa

  • Lisa says:

    Touche’, Tom. Thanks for your post. One thing I wish more job seekers would understand is that employers hate this dance too. Job seekers are frustrated over canned responses from companies, but they often fail to realize the experience is just as canned in reverse. It happens. It’s hard to avoid, actually. It takes a conscious effort.

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