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This blog is a bit personal for me today. A friend of mine has a 3 year old son who has Stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a devastating cancer. This diagnosis came out of nowhere and has shocked all who know little Wyatt to the core. Because I’m human, I spent the first few hours combing through Google, reading all of the grim statistics associated with the disease. There is no denying Wyatt’s chances aren’t good. Fewer than 25% in his situation will live beyond the next 5 years.

After spending a good part of a day depressed and praying with a hopeless heart, it occurred to me I was focusing exclusively on the 75% of kids who lose their battle, versus the 25% who beat the odds. Right then and there I decided I was done using Google to write Wyatt off. Turning things around, I did a search to look for Stage 4 Neuroblastoma survivors. Guess what? I found them! I found journals for kids who were diagnosed at Wyatt’s age and are now 9, 11 and 17. Granted, there weren’t as many of their types of stories as the other, but those few changed my perspective and my attitude.

My heart is still heavy and I’m smart and informed enough to know winning this fight isn’t going to be easy. I have hope though. And those surrounding Wyatt have reason to hope, too. The simple choice to seek out factual information with the power to lead us in a positive direction changed everything for me.

Those of you looking for work need to do the same thing. I don’t think I’m being dramatic at all to say the loss of a job, a career, is comparable in emotion to what people feel when they lose loved ones. Is it comparable in magnitude? Not really, but it’s the emotions that cloud our judgment and curb our drive and passion. Seeking out news with grim statistics on unemployment and the struggles many are facing is easy, but serves no true purpose. Change what you are looking for. Focus on the news that allows you to hope and stay positive. Even if it’s harder to find, choose the news that will give you the strength to push through obstacles that may seem impossible.

Wyatt, you’re a special little guy and I promise I am going to continue to choose the news that keeps my heart and mind where it needs to be to cheer you on throughout your journey.

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