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Job Seekers Can Now Network Every Friday at 1:00 p.m.!

The Career Networking Groups at Capital Area Michigan Works are shifting gears. For nearly a year there have been four separate groups: Science/Engineering, IT, Sales/Marketing, Business Administration. With so many of the groups’ initial participants securing employment, there simply isn’t the demand to continue offering four separate networking options.

Starting March 1st, all groups are consolidating into one cross-professional group that will meet every Friday at 1:00 p.m. at Capital Area Michigan Works’ Lansing service center. The address is 2110 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, Michigan. Like before, the groups are free and do not require an RSVP to attend. Individuals are invited to participate as often as they are able. All professions are welcome! Employers are welcome to stop by, too!

The format of the group is simple. Each participant will have a minute or two, depending on the attendance, to share who they are and the types of opportunities they hope to connect with. After each participant has had a turn a discussion topic will be introduced. Examples of popular discussion topics include: search strategy, business developments, the impact of legislative changes, career trends, social media, resume/interview challenges and maintaining a positive attitude.

All participants are encouraged to bring information on job leads, new/expanding area companies, creative search strategy, etc., to the meetings to share with others. The goal is to have all involved keeping an eye out for leads and information beneficial to the group as a whole. Job seekers can cover more ground when working collectively.

I’ll close by saying it is more crucial than ever for job seekers to get on the networking bandwagon. Those who aren’t networking risk being invisible to a growing number of employers. Many companies are migrating away from job board style recruiting. It’s expensive, overwhelming, unfocused and annoying. Hiring through word of mouth is much more appealing. Also consider the companies expected to be hiring the most over the next year are small and medium sized businesses benefiting from tax reform. Those companies aren’t likely to turn to Career Builder or Monster.

Please come join the fun, yes it’s fun, and network with a great group of Lansing area professionals. We promise to pump you up, arm you with ideas, offer connections, surround you with positive support and give you a sense of no longer being alone in your search. The experience is hard to describe. Come and give it a try. Times are tough, but we’re tougher!

Those interested in connecting with group members can find them on LinkedIn by joining the group, “Lansing Go Getters.” Some also participate in discussions in the group, “Capital Area Michigan Works.”

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  • Christopher harris says:

    Fantastic group; a great deal of useful information. I am very encouraged after attending my first meeting

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