I’ve Never Had To Look Before

So many talented and skilled individuals are struggling in this current job market. Why? Because they’ve never had to look for a job before and aren’t certain how to navigate this tricky economy. They frequently tell me how, in the past, jobs always came to them. Now they are having to hunt for jobs and it’s unfamiliar territory.

My answer to that problem is to make it familiar territory! When you consider the reason most never had to “look” before, it’s because they were connected to people in the know who had the power to link them up with opportunities. The proof is in the pudding that finding jobs through connections is much easier than trolling the internet and joining the masses vying for a posted position.

So why is the chain broken now? For some, they’ve moved and don’t have an established network of contacts to work through. For others, they have a network, but those they know currently are out of the loop as a result of the shifts in politics, industry and the economy. In both cases, the solution is the same. The priority is to build a rapport with new people who are more likely to be traveling in circles where opportunity lurks. This doesn’t happen by spending countless hours hidden away in your home sitting in front of a computer. It requires a strategic effort and time dedicated to getting out in front of people. News from the business community needs to be followed to identify the industries, professions and individuals with momentum on their side and to find out where they hang out.

There is another reason why someone may not be sought after like they once were. Above, I mentioned how a person’s current network may be out of the loop now. What if that’s not the case though? It is possible individuals you’ve known for ages are plugged into opportunities you don’t know about. Why wouldn’t they be sharing them with you? Perhaps they’ve known you so long in “XYZ” capacity, their mind isn’t allowing them to see you in other roles. It’s human nature to file people we know in neat categories. Adding to your current network is always a good thing, but also make the effort to ensure those you’ve known for ages are aware of how your skills fit the here and now. Few of us are one trick ponies.


  • Tamara says:

    Hi, I’m a job search workshop presenter and time after time I find that most people are in shock when they find that they have to learn how to look for a job when they never had to before. All of their self-esteem goes right out of the window as soon as they start hearing us talk about the importance of networking. That’s because they see it as “begging” for work and they fear more rejection and another blow to their ego. Most people I talk to say they have exhausted their network and tell me that everyone is unemployed or no one is hiring right now. Part of the reason for extended unemployment is that no one is willing to pay them their past salary. Most job seekers don’t want to take a step back in income and often hold out too long for the right opportunity. These highly experienced individuals are used to people offering them positions and many are older now, less marketable and competing with everyone and their grandma. Sad, but some of these qualified individuals lack the very social skills and confidence that would enable themselves to sell their abilities and experience. They would rather have root canal than cold call or socialize with strangers. It’s heart breaking to see a once successful person who has a strong work ethic and the desire to work, but remains jobless for months at a time often using up their savings, losing their families and their homes.

  • Lisa says:

    Amen, Tamara! I agree with what you wrote. I’m right there with you. There are so many individuals caught up in this mess with so much to offer. It often does come down to being willing to step out of one’s comfort zone. Like you, I’m deeply bothered by those losing their homes and I’m committed to doing what I can to give those in need of a nudge the push that can make a difference. There are jobs out there! Jobs that pay well! Are they low hanging fruit, no.

    Tamara, where are you located? Are you in Michigan? If you don’t mind, drop me an email so we can connect. Lisa(at)FindAFit(dot)com. Thanks for stopping by!


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