The Politics Of Looking For Work

Politics. The word makes a lot of people cringe. I understand why. The drama and junk these days can be overwhelming. Those who are dealing with the stress of unemployment struggle with the toxicity of what our country has grown to believe is debate. Many have decided they’re better off tuning out the rhetoric coming from all directions. There is a conscious decision to ignore what’s happening to spare themselves from the depression and the nagging desire to take a shower that happens post exposure.

Here’s the thing, legislative action and inaction have a huge influence on business in our country. Changes in regulations, tax code, budget items, domestic policy, foreign policy, etc., play a significant role in what industries are likely to be growing and scaling back at any given time. Those who don’t stay on top of political developments are missing key information necessary to building an effective job search strategy. They can’t possibly anticipate who the corporate and industry winners are likely to be now and in the future.

If you don’t want to jump into the tangle of picking a political side, fine. Make the commitment to remain aware of the events that shape your future job prospects.


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