Build, Fix or Maintain?

Many job seekers miss the mark on selling their skills to an opportunity because they fail to step back and consider what a company is ultimately trying to accomplish with the position. Most times jobs lean one of three ways. Companies are trying to build, fix or maintain something. Yes, there are positions that mix all of those, but one usually dominates and it’s important for the candidate to establish which one that is so he can sell himself appropriately.

Interestingly enough, many candidates could be classified under the same category system. They may be capable of all three, but one seems more apparent. I’ve met those I see as innovators, those who are best suited to deal with problems and those who really just want to hang out and keep something that is working well going. The three really are quite different. Which of the three do you identify with most? Do you know? If you surveyed former employers and current networking contacts, what would their opinion be? It may be worth some time to find out.

Though I’m not a fan of labels, I do think job seekers can avoid frustration by targeting positions that are in the same category as themselves. A candidate who presents as an innovator is going to have a hard time selling himself to a role that is primarily about maintenance. The reverse is equally true.



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